A runaway Carthaginian bride and the Roman soldier who captures her march across war-torn Italy. She fights for her freedom, while he searches for honor on the battlefield. During a war that will determine the survival of their people, their hearts’ desires blur the lines between loyalty and love.


Italy, 218 BC. War rages between Rome and Carthage, the two greatest civilizations in the Mediterranean. Elissa Mago is a young Carthaginian aristocrat escaping an unwanted marriage and an unforgiving father. She’s captured by Marcus Gracchus, a centurion in the legions of the Roman Republic–and a man who has begun to question his allegiance to Rome’s treacherous leaders.

Forced to march with his legion across Italy, Elissa struggles to reconcile her loyalty to Carthage with her growing attraction to the brave and conflicted centurion. Even as battle between their people draws near, Marcus is captivated by Elissa’s beauty and defiance. But what is he willing to lose to find something truly worth fighting for? And when war finally engulfs them, will Elissa yield her heart in time to choose where she belongs? As Carthage is destroyed in a struggle that will reverberate through history, they’ll learn if love can conquer even the most fated of endings.

Readers of Kate Quinn will love this action-packed historical romance!

Praise for Daughter of Carthage, Son of Rome

Kate Q. Johnson has woven a compelling tale that brings to life the high stakes of political rivalries, a daring heroine and an honorable but torn military leader. Daughter of Carthage, Son of Rome is a vivid recreation of the ancient world and a sensitive portrayal of the demands of the human heart.

Linda Cardillo, award winning author of historical novels such as Love That Moves the Sun, Dancing on Sunday Afternoons, and the First Light trilogy.

Kate Q. Johnson’s sure-handed debut novel tells the story of a wartime Romeo and Juliet, two star-crossed lovers whose lives collide at a moment when history might have swung off in a different direction

Sherry Christie, author of the Roma Amor saga.

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